Yuko Denham

Yuko’s family immigrated to Canada from Japan in 1975. After arriving in Canada, she started with an ESL class and eventually earned a Bachelors Degree in Music from University of BC. After working on Tour Operations at a Vancouver-based RTO office, Yuko went to Japan to immerse herself in her almost-forgotten mother culture as well as to gain work experience, while spending extensive time volunteering at a non-profit organization in the natural & alternative health industry. In 1999 she returned to Canada, got married in 2001 and was blessed with a son in 2003. Yuko’s first association with CITAP was when she took notes at the CITAP board meeting in June of 2004. Since January 2007, she has supported CITAP as a contract worker while staying very active with the Parent Advisory Council at her son’s school. She enjoys cooking, gardening, golf and any other outdoor activities.

Winter on Whistler moutnains. Photo by Justa Jeskova photo_camera